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As a certified Reiki Master and intuitive healer, I combine Reiki with my intuition to channel the direct Source energy where it is needed most for your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Physical ailments are often a result of emotional and spiritual beliefs that don't align with your soul. Reiki sessions are most productive when used in combination with intuitive readings that guide you in how to heal. Reiki sessions are done via phone from the comfort of your home.


​Chakra work is similar to Reiki, channeling healing energy from the Divine, however, it focuses on clearing and balancing your chakras. Chakras are energy centers in and around your body that balance the Divine flow of energy throughout you. Each chakra has a unique purpose in your health, energy flow, life purpose, and your connection to the Divine. Life events can cause imbalances that result in physical,

Reiki Treatment

emotional, and spiritual problems. Regularly clearing and balancing the chakras helps you in a multitude of ways.

​Reiki and Chakra work can be done independently or in combination with one another. They can also be combined with any of my other healing modalities.

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Chakra Healing

During this 1-hour session, I connect to each of your chakras balancing and cleansing them for healing and energy flow.


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30-Minute Reiki

This 30-minute Reiki session is the perfect session for a quick energy alignment if you are new to Reiki or in a hurry.


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1-Hour Session

This full 1-hour Reiki session channels Divine energy to you where you need it, and picking up messages from your body.


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