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Life-coaching is a process that provides you space for positive self-discovery to maximize your personal, professional, and spiritual potential. I will provide you the tools and opportunity to work toward your success. Success is dependent on your commitment to honesty, hard work, and staying open-minded. You may uncover things about yourself that are painful or unpleasant to see, but it's part of the process. I want to help you succeed, but your success is completely in your hands. Let’s work together to help you create a beautiful and successful life.


A life-coaching session begins with a short meditation to help you clear your energy and get focused in the present. We will then discuss areas of your life where you are feeling blocked or stagnant and areas where you would like to see improved. Throughout your session, I will employ various tools to help you work through 


emotions, memories, obstacles, and anything standing between your present and your joyful future. Life-coaching is client-led, meaning I don't tell you what to do, instead, I ask you questions so you discover what path or process is right for you to reach your goals. Any spiritual healing tools used will be at your discretion. 

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Intro to Coaching

Get to know me and find out more about my coaching with this 15-minute introductory session.


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1-Hour Session

A one-hour session that focuses on your individual needs. This includes a short intuitive reading for guidance.


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5 Sessions

Coaching is an ongoing process and grows with you over time. Book five 1-hour coaching sessions for a discount.


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