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I always felt that I had a purpose. That I was here on this Earth for something special, something magical. From a young age I fell in love with magic, particularly witches like on the show Bewitched. That love of magic carried into my teenage years when I purchased my first spellbook. I continued learning, practicing magic, and expanding my knowledge of esoteric philosophies. I purchased tarot decks all the while desperately wishing I had psychic abilities. As I got older life got the better of me and my magical practices. I got married, had a baby, and focused on my job...until the day things fell apart.

As the Universe always does, it yanked me back onto my magical life path through a particularly unpleasant incident at my job in 2012. For support and guidance, I contacted an intuitive reader. Through numerous readings I discovered I had intuitive abilities, we all do, and was shown how to access them. My desire for spiritual knowledge was once again piqued and became voracious. Throughout the years that followed I read, learned, practiced, and shared my knowledge with a growing group of individuals. I achieved a Reiki Master certification and in 2018 became a certified Life Coach.

I have experienced great traumas throughout my life, traumas that have caused me great pain and have created blocks throughout all aspects of my life. I have learned how to access that pain and work through fear to overcome those blocks. Navigating the obstacles on your life path is a difficult and sometimes painful process, but it is essential to living the life you were meant for. A life that is filled with joy, love, and abundance requires you to do the tough work. Work that can take you down emotionally difficult paths to face your fears, release your anger, forgive, and let go of who you were. It is a difficult process, but one that will change your life forever.

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