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Readings are done using my clairvoyant and clairaudient channels to communicate with angels, ascended masters, and spiritual guides. I use oracle cards to clarify the messages I receive for you, and to interpret the current energy of your situation. I don't read your future, instead, my readings focus on giving you the necessary information to heal from your past in order to create a future that resonates with your soul.

Life should be lived and loved, but holding on to pain from the past can create blockages and limitations with find joy and living with passion. I aim to help you heal so you can manifest your greatest joys. I want to help you enjoy life to its fullest and learn important life lessons along the way. If you are feeling stuck, lost, or are hurting, contact me to learn more about my readings. Readings are delivered via email or audio recording, and can be combined with healing.

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E-Mail Reading

E-mail readings cover three topics most important to you with guidance from the Divine. Responses are 2-3 pages.


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Simple Reading

This reading focuses on a topic or specific question you need guidance on. Lasts 30-60 minutes. Delivered via mp3.


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Soul Reading

This is in-depth reading focuses on your life path, obstacles, and healing. Lasts 60-90 minutes. Delivered via Mp3.


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